What is in-between? 
As an adjective: Situated somewhere between two extremes or categories; intermediate
As a noun: An intermediate thing.

Paul Basu in The Inbetweenness of Things defines it as -
The semantic field of the in-between is wide, embracing processes of mixture, mediation, transculturation, translation, entanglement, syncretisation and creolization, and states of ambivalence, ambiguity, liminality, double consciousness and hybridity. 

In-between is all encompassing but also a void. It is ineffable but also descriptive. 

Over the past year, the pandemic introduced us to a new condition of existing. Every individual had their singular experience, yet we all endured collective suffering. Surviving through this crisis we  adapted to new ways of living and working. Through hybridities and anomalies. 

The line between my practice and my personal life began to blur.
A line that I strived to maintain, was now warped and distorted. 

I travelled through this in-betweenness. 
Exploring my identity; acknowledging transience. 
Exploring language; questioning translation. 
Exploring materiality; challenging colour and film. 

Living in-between is a multidimensional experience. Offering different junctions for entry. It is not linear. It is ever changing. It is impermanent. 

Through this project/experiment/personal narrative, I invite you into my journey and hope that you can find a fragment of familiarity.