On Materiality:

Before the pandemic, I had just dabbled into analogue photography for a project based on materiality. I was fascinated with the material of film and its capabilities. Its unpredicatiblity, permanence and ability to capture and document light were fascinating. However, the pandemic led to a pause in the investigation of this material.

During this time, I indulged in writing and researching for my dissertation on colour. Observing it through a philosophical, scientific and material lens. The experience of colour is a collaboration between the viewer perceiving it and the material nature of the object. It is relative and relational.

I was curious to explore the materiality of colour and the capabilities of film. The reopening of the studio also presented an opportunity to re-engage in the physical process of making. An indulgence into film and colour.

The process of photographing on film, followed by documenting, exposing and printing, was repetitive. The repetition facilitated discovery. As I worked with different kinds of films, through different settings and exposures, I observed the presence of a range of colours. Colours; created by light, interacting with the film through the enlarger and materializing on the photosensitive paper. An interactive process.

An embodiment of the inbetweenness of materi

Shoot - Test - Print

A documentation of experiments with the material quality and an exploration analogue photography, film processing and darkroom printing.