I am Nayonika Ghosh. An Indian multidisciplinary designer based in London. A recent graduate from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Visual Communication. While pursuing my masters, I have collaborated and participated in organising multiple events and student groups such as Typographic Singularity 2020, The Walkative Society, Talk Shop, Content-Free and Terminal (Visual Communication Show 2021).

Observe, make and reflect - are the three ideals that inform my methodology. I thrive in research-driven and collaborative environments. As an improvisational designer, I thoroughly enjoy creating/facilitating systems, tools and structures for interaction and speculation. With a keen focus on typography, colour and the politics of identity. My practice extends over graphic design, photography, moving image and writing.

My practice explores the notion of in-betweenness; between cultures, languages and materials.

It is -
Singular and Collaborative.
Systematic and Arbitrary.
Archival and Dissemination.

In-between, indeed. 

The in-between exists in flux. Hence, this project is an archive for collection, collaboration, contribution and dissemination. If you wish to participate and contribute, feel free to get in touch!

To learn more about my work and other projects, please visit nayonikaghosh.com.
You can also contact me via email studio@nayonikaghosh.com or on Instagram @studioatrangi.